1. You can do this same thing without the need of a plugin. This is using a Child Theme and entering PHP coding into the functions.php located in the child theme.

    Go to this link to get the code:

    Note, also read the bottom comment to that page. It clarifies what you need to do to repeat the same code to allow you to duplicate pages.

  2. Update to my comment.

    The above PHP code for insertion into the child-theme functions.php file, is especially useful for people who do not use the Gutenberg Block Editor and still use the WordPress Classic Editor.

    Plus the PHP code provides copying all tags, categories, and even meta data for that copied document if you use “All in One SEO” for your pages or posts.

  3. Thank you- for keeping it simple. Yes when i’s just a few pages and we don’t want to add yet another plugin!

  4. Cyrus Foo says:

    Powerful. helped me duplicate a page

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